Crimes against Serbs

Lana DeDeus: Monster Hashim Thaci – ‘The Snake’

19.11.2012. by FBR editor Biljana Dikovic

Lana DeDeus  – art of Truth

Monster Hashim Thaci, ‘The Snake’

Nato Installed „Prime Minister“ of Kosovo

Former Leader of the Murderous Kosovo Liberation Army

Head of Kosovo’s Criminal Network
Trafficking in Heroin, Organs & Women

Responsible for Ethnic Cleansing of Serbian Population,
Destruction of Churches & Cemeteries


A NATO INTELLIGENCE REPORT on Organized Crime in Kosovo. This is a 36 page Investigation gathered by NATO–yet the US and NATO continue to support the rogue state of Kosovo and it’s Criminal Run „Government“.

Below is a diagram of criminal links to the „Prime Minister“ of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci.

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