Anti-Serbian Bias

„Standard“: Radical Islam „ticking bomb“ in Kosovo

Kosovo  is facing the strengthening of radical Islam, assesses the Viennese “Standard” daily, and points that members of that faith are provoking the counter-reaction of their secular fellow citizens.



The indirect result of the conflict in Kosovo  is a stricter form of Islam, reports the daily. It is stressed that religious conservatives, who were practically unknown before 1999, now represent a small but constantly growing group, primarily in larger cities and poorer parts of Kosovo.

The “Standard” underlines that there are attacks to critics of extremist Islam, and in that context it is added that the former mullah of Kacanik, Muslli Verbani had warned in 2007 about the danger of extremism, after which his car was set on fire.

In 2008 professor of Islamic studies in Pristina Djabir Hammidi was attacked by masked persons, in his belief, for being against the wahhabites.

In 2009, the mullah Osman Musliu, from Drenica, was beaten in the mosque far talking against wahabites, emphasizes the “Standard”.


Source : derStandard