Serbia has the right not to deliver Seselj on the basis of United Nations resolutions 37/194- Expert

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Press Release.


TO the ICTY authorities.


As Medical Ethics is one of my expertise and as the Organizer of the International forum “Conference – Ethics for an Aging World” (science-dialogue.com), I feel concerned about recent developments that involve one of your detainees, presently on leave for medical purposes, Mr. Seselj.

I would like to inform you that according to the UN Resolution 37/194 from 1982, „Annex“, Principle 1 and 6 (attachment), it will not be possible to demand that Mr. Vojislav Seselj returns to the prison at this stage. Since he suffers from incurable disease, he is now legally just a MEDICAL PATIENT. He will most certainly not be in position ever to be returned to the ICTY prison. Therefore it is even illegal to try to exercise political pressure and to try to force Serbian government to arrange for an again illegal return of Mr. Seselj to…

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