NEW BOOK> Kosovo99: HUMANitarian WAR, or WAR for HUMAN ORGANS (2)- Reagan & Clinton agenda in the Balkans

Serbian FBReporter in English

„As we can see, the Kosovo war scenario was always on the top of US agenda. After realizing that Albanian army (NATO member) and KLA (which was at the time of this report classified by US and most of Western governments as a terrorist organization) were not yet ready to start war against formidable Yugoslav forces, USA and other leading Western powers decided to restart war in Croatia. The proof for such claim we can find in the same CIA document which refers to Clinton’s NSC1[1] directive.“



How the West covered up the Crime of Century against Serbs in the Balkans…

Author M. Novakovic (Note- the book is a work in progress- expected to be published by 2018)

“The information we have gathered nonetheless concerns extremely grave events that took place in the very heart of Europe. The…

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