UN Swedish judge in Kosovo: Americans were `dispatching` Albanian terrorists to commit atrocities inside Serbia!

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UN Swedish judge in Kosovo: Americans were supporting (and escorting) Albanian KLA terrorists to commit atrocities inside Serbia

Original article @Serbian: Vestionline, Tanjug (PIN translation in English) KIM
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The first international judge to be appointed in Kosovo Christer Karphammar states that US government officials were protecting the members of KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) from criminal prosecution for the terrorist’s acts, and that Unmik (UN mission in Kosovo) was just a decoration for creating the „monster state“.

In his interview for „Novosti“ Karphamar was describing the case of bombing of the Serbian passenger bus „Nis Express“ in 2001, nearby Kosovo town of Podujevo- highlighting that without any doubt the arrested KLA member Fljorim Ejupi was one of the two terrorists who planted 220 pounds of explosive under the civilian bus.

In his words „he couldn’t forget the conversation with the Albanian chief judge Hashim Mussa“, who was at…

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