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European values(?): Murder by ICTY- Gravelly ill professor Dr V. Seselj jailed innocent for 12 years

Vice-president of Serbian Radical party (SRS) Nemanja Sarovic has accused „International Court of Justice for former Yugoslavia“ (ICTY) in Hague that is, without any doubts and on purpose, killing the leader of SRS Dr. Vojislav Seselj- because they don’t have the legal justification to sentence him… The president of Serbian Radical Party, and university professor Dr. Vojislav Seselj has been jailed (innocent) in ICTY for 12 years, and still is unclear when (if ever?) his verdict will be issued.

Photo chronology of Ukrainian war crimes in Mariupol, on the day when city was celebrating „V-day“ …. Фото хронологија украјинских (нацистичких) ратних злочина у Мариупољу, на дан када је тај град прослављао Дан Победе над нацизмом…

It is very sad, that these war crimes and crimes against humanity (aimed at a very large Russian „minority“) are taking place in the heart of today’ „Democratic Europe“, on the same day when hundreds of millions of European citizens are celebrating Victory over Nazis, 69 years ago.

Serbian political party: Free the longest held political prisoner from the unlawfull Hague captivity… Српска политичка партија: Ослободите најдуже заточеног Хашког политичког затвореника..

Serbian Radical Party requests unconditional and immediate release of  Prof. Dr Vojislav Seselj… Српска радикална странка захтева безусловно и моментално ослобађање Војислава Шешеља  ******** 17 septembar 2013, Belgrade FBR translation from Serbian […]

"DRIVE BY SHOOTING" IN KOSOVO: Savagery beyond "normality"- Albanians killing the dogs only because they belong to Serbs! Албанци пуцали на српску кућу и "убили псе зато што су Срби"

Albanians shot at Serbian house and killed the dogs only because „they were Serbs“ !? Bosnian News agency „Srna“- FBR translation Published on August 30th, 2013 (Срна) ******* JUST ANOTHER „REGULAR DAY […]